Virtual Ice Breakers in online meetings

The purpose of ice breakers is to create rapport and a feeling of connection.

Today I like to share some examples of Virtual Icebreakers. The purpose of ice breakers are exercises that are recommended at the beginning of meetings, which helps us to break the ice and get connected.      

1) Pick an image in google images and share your screen with the group when you introduce yourself.

2) Pick an image that shows how you feel about online meetings.    

3) Ask people to introduce their pet or a plant from their home.      

4) Ask people to go for a 5-minute work in their house and garden and to pick three objects:

  • 1 that represents their hopes for the meeting/workshop;
  • 1 that represents their fears for the meeting/ workshop and
  • 1 that represents anything they like to put aside to be fully present during the meeting/workshop.
Online Meeting Fun

Online Meeting Fun

Too many online meetings? Some simple tools to make your meetings more energising and engaging.

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